Sunday, March 7, 2010

My Resolution for 2010...............

Well, as I know myself pretty good, I was not surprise to figure out I was not going to be able to stick to my New Year's resolution not to buy any new beads this year. Now, you have to understand this part of it, I DID NOT SHARE THIS WITH MY HUSBAND. I was just going to stop receiving packages in the US Mail and UPS and Federal Express.

I had this firm resolve all built up in me -- but as all beadacholics are drawn to shiny things, I truly do hold my head in shame at how fast I blew this one. One of my favorite wholesalers was going out of business, should have blocked him from my e-mail, and gemstones that I could have never bought before were dancing before my eyes like sugar plums just waiting to be picked.

I have never lied and said I am a person of firm resolve. That would so not be me. Cautious at times because of limited funds, but never fully entrenched in the idea that I could say NO to a deal so good that I would have felt stupid afterwards for turning it down.

So, I justfied my purchases, just like an alcoholic justifies that "I'll just have one drink" moment.

Soon, there were packages flowing in from every mode of delivery and as I opened them, I had a momentary twinge of guilt, but that was soon over when I pointed out to my husband, "Look how much money I saved."

So, now this beadaholic is doing inventory -- that thing we do every year to satisfy the IRS guys.

And I have to look at the date on the invoices, and 2010 seems to be a pretty good year for one wholesaler! I hate to see him go, but I hate the fact that I wasn't aware faster he was cutting prices by 70%! Poor man. I feel for him. But I am helping with the economic stimulus by purchasing from him, right. Isn't that what I can use as my "Obama" defense???

Anyway, people it can happen to the best of us. I feel no twinges anymore when I buy something, but it now has changed to "I will not buy any beads unless they are on SALE!"

Shame on me.

Now I am going to go have that glass of wine that I poured to drink after I confessed my down fallings to my public. No, I am not an alcoholic too! I have my priorities in order. We buy beads before food or alcohol!

Toodles, Did any of you make ridiculous resolutions? Please send me your comments. I need to be in the trenches with the other resolution breakers!

Until next time,


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