Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I can't remember what I ordered!

Well, I was in a complete state of craziness over the weekend. It seems that everytime I am utterly ingrossed in ordering beads, or findings, my husband has to come into the room and interrupt my train of thought. He is on the stand alone computer I am on the laptop. (where are my headphones to my iPOD!} Ok. We are networked. So, we share a printer. If he is "playing a game" and I print out my invoice. I blow him out of his page. So then he knows I am buying something and we end up going back to the same questions "why do you need more stuff?"

I am at the point that I want to scream. We need more stuff because not everything is working the way we thought it would when we ordered it and it looked purple on the monitor when in fact it was some weird shade of magenta and it is NOT WORKING for me! I am ordering another COLOR!

I truly adore this man. But, my independent, rebellious, "bite me" side starts to come out when I hear those words "why do you need more stuff?"

I truly have tried to breathe deeply and count to 10 before I answer. Really, I have. But, why should a grown person have to tell another grown person WHY everytime?

If he is going to play "Fantasy Football" and he is griping and moaning about who is sitting on the bench and he lost 10000000 points because of this, and remember people it is "fantasy" football, and I am actually trying to work, I have to leave the room! Fur is gonna fly, guys!

Oh I am just losing it.

My second option to this whole thing is to take a nap, which for someone like me is not hard, in the afternoon, and then stay up past his bedtime to take care of my business. Duh. What if I have something planned for tomorrow and need to get to bed early? What is it with men?

OK, I have ground my teeth and stomped back into the room to say "I need to print an invoice" the whole time knowing what he is going to say. Well, the invoice prints, he looks at me and I say "DON'T SAY IT!" He looks at me and says "What?" I start to say the words that send me into orbit and he says to me "It is printing in weird colored ink, do you think we need to change the catridge?" Oh............ I just snatch the invoice from his hand and say "whatever,dear"!

Just when I am prepared for the inquisition, he throws me a "curve" ball! I am sure all the stomping and snorting and muttering under my breath had nothing to do with him changing his tactics! We have had this conversation so many times I think I have an ulcer. I have bit my tongue until there is a permanent groove in it.

Well, needless to say I inflicted all that pain on myself, and tomorrow will arrive the shipment of 5 boxes of beads that I have no idea what I am going to do with but they were on sale and the one thing I was trying to buy is on the "wait list." What can I say? The beads were on sale!

This was the last day to purchase them. I put in the code that gave me the sale price. It was exhilarating to watch the numbers go down and the prices change. Oh I do so love those sales!

Hot pink shell beads. Hmmm. Are we thinking next spring or summer? I will have to let you kinow. I did order them in every size they had just to be sure I would have a lot to work with.

Well, now I must go and take pictures of other things I have made recently. This is probably the only time he understands anything about me. While he watches me photograph my creations.

Then he is happy for me and comes and helps me set everything up. Maybe I should just take up photography? Ta-Ta for now. Please Mr. UPS come before 6 p.m. tomorrow!!!!!!

Now I have something else to worry about! Your crazed beadaholic friend, Sophie


  1. Hi "Sophie"
    Sales are hard to resist. I have not bought any beads this whole year. I took an oath in 2008 to use what I have. Problem being I never have time to "use" them.

  2. Are you sure you are not talking about me here! hahaha can totally relate to all aspects...except i don't print the invoices out till later..hahaha

    Great post!
    Crystal from KIZZ