Friday, October 9, 2009

"Where did you get so much inventory?"

"Where did you get so much inventory?" my accountant/husband asked me a few days ago, while he is dragging me down the hall to my so-called "Jewelry Room."

Well, this question is a hard one for me because I am biting my tongue to keep from asking a question like "Why do you have a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the garage that cost a ton of money that you never ride - and out of 8 years you have probably ridden it 5 times?" The smart woman knows when not to bring up an issue like that.

Our dear, sweet, adorable husbands "need" toys after they raise children. All the things they did without while putting them through college and the the weddings, and the wedding gifts. These guys have worked hard to support their children and they should be able to have a toy or two? Right?

Well, some of us women worked and did without the things we wanted, as well. I could no longer justify my shoe obsession when I went into jewelry design, because you just can't be caught wearing expensive designer shoes with sweats and a t-shirt, no make-up and your hair in a pony tail. Something had to give. Actually beads are cheaper when bought in small lots. So, I consoled myself that everytime I bought some new beads it was still cheaper than some of my favorite Jimmy Choo's, right? I could feel better just buying $40 worth of beads, or findings, as opposed to a pair of shoes that cost several hundred dollars.

So, as I am being asked this question that I hear on a regular basis, I just draw a complete blank.
I can actually feel myself getting that "deer in the headlights" stare coming across my face. When asked about my other obssession of shoe buying, I was working in a professional setting and making money to cover one shoe so, of course the full price was never disclosed!

Now that is not good. I need a snappy come back, ladies! Something to redeem myself with, but all I can think about is the large bag in the trunk of my car that I have not even brought into the house yet, and believe me it is going into hiding for a few months.

The truth is, that beads, like anything you are addicted to, just draw you into that place where you cannot say NO. I am telling you we need a 12 step program. But, am I willing to stand up in front of all my peeps and actually admit I have a problem? They say, until you admit you have one, you will not get better. Hmmm.

I actually start to feel bad, that I have enough inventory to feed a family of 4 in my possession. But, once again, the mail comes, and along with it is the newest copy of Sundance catalog. Oh...I have to be alone when I look at the jewelry designs. Sounds coming from my mouth may draw attention to me and the EMS may be on its way before I have a chance to explain I am merely oooing and awing over the new designs, and not having some sort of seizure. I literally wipe the drool off my mouth, as I stare at the newest designs of some of my favorite designers.

I come out of our bedroom and my husband is still standing there waiting for an answer -- but he looks in my hand and sees the catalog. With a shake of his head, he heads back to the office to balance the accounts. I know he knows, he will not get an intelligent answer out of me until I have digested my latest catalog and tried to figure out how everything was made and whether I have some Labradorite beads to make something similar to a necklace I saw in that book. I am once again, off in my little land of creating, and I block out the world and just enjoy what I do.

Do you ever have these "bead confrontations?" Or are you sneaky and hide your stash? I always wonder which works better.
Till next time, happy beading and don't get caught with a bag of beads in the trunk of your car and if you do, tell me what excuse you used, don't know how much longer that "deer in the headlights" thing is going to work.
Ciao, Sophie

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