Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Introduction to My Bead Obsession or "I need a 12 Step Program!"

A big hello to anyone who actually share's my addiction. You are welcome to come and let out you feelings here -- you are among friends. And as in any 12 Step Program, we shall not use our real names. Just call me Sophie.

I think it started years ago [we shall be polite and not indicate the exact number of years, in order not to humiliate the writer], when I first saw my Mom put on rhinestone earrings. I was quite young so "rhinestone" earrings looked like diamonds to me. I loved the flash [which we now lovingly call bling] and the way the light hit them just the right way so that everything seemed bright and shiny. [I am now reminded of other creatures that are attracted to bright and shiny objects and that could be quite frightening...... but I digress.]

There, right then, began my love and obsession for jewelry. Of course, in those days no one was obsessing over how many beads, they could buy, and hoard, on the pretense that it was a "business" and that they NEEDED them because they were on sale.

And then it hits me ! Since I stopped working in a professional office, oh my God, I have traded my shoe obsession for BEADS! How could this have happened to me. I loved my Prada, my Gucci, the smell of the leather of a new pair of Jimmy Choo strappy little heels, or boots by Marc Jacobs....what has happened to me.

And right in the middle of my distracted state wondering what happened to my shoe obsession came in the mail a new "Bead Catalog"! I could not turn the pages fast enough trying to see what was "in" and what was "out". Was I going to have to buy more of something because I didn't have the right colors?? Oh, I am just wringing my hand, as I think of all the things I need to create my latest design with.

No one understands us. This obsessive desire to obtain every bead available that you just have to have at the moment, and a month later you look at and say "what was I thinking"? That is when you throw those beads into a pile you humbly call your "destash" to list on your on-line shopping venue. You feel sad, but whatever money you can get for those babies goes for more beads! Ahhhh. There is a sense of poetic justice after all.

Join me. Tell me your obsessions with beads. Let me in on your last big trade-off "food for the children" or "beads". "Paying the light bill on time" or "beads". I know you are out there. I am not alone in this place where I cannot control myself. I have heard women in the bead store talking to the telephone company trying to pay partial amounts on their bills because they have found a "once in a lifetime" deal on some special beads.

Oh - have to go - someone has a 60% off sale on line. I might miss something I need right now. I will be back tomorrow to share with you what I bought.

Ciao, Sophie

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